Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Stock Trading with Demat and Trading Accounts

Trading in the stock markets is not possible without appropriate Demat account and Trading account, they are electronic or digital forms of your stock market securities, all the shares/securities you have brought or sold is done only with your Demat account or trading account. Unlike the earlier forms of trading in stock markets they offer much security and easy trading platform.

Opening Demat account:

The first step to open a demat account is getting a pan card, along with the appropriate bank account, cheques, address proof’s and applying for demat from a near by stock broker.

After applying for a Demat account the process completes within 4-5 days, you can also apply for a Demat account in online on website of your choice stock brokerage. While applying for a demat account should be very careful about signatures all signatures on your pan card, application, bank cheques address proofs should match.. Opening a Demat account with an good bank account having cheque book, online transfer, mobile transfer facilities is preferable even through, they are not essential for your demat account, they facilitate an easy way of trading and transfer between your demat, trading accounts and bank account.

Most brokerages are opening Demat account at a cost of Rs.500/-. After opening of Demat account apply for trading account.

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