Thursday, 23 March 2017

Features of Online Share Trading in India

The Share Market in India is not the same every day. Investing in this is risky but if you invest and plan well then the returns that you get are really good. There are a lot of traders who invest in share markets to get fast cash. These days a lot of traders have started investing in online trading.

The most important- Online Trading

This the most important thing that you need to keep in mind in order to start online trading in the stock market. You need to open an online share trading account. This account is considered to be very similar to a normal bank account. The only difference is that your securities are deposited in the electronic form in the account instead of money in a bank.

Features of Share Trading Online
  • There are a lot of features added to online trading and such accounts have various charges. Following are a few features:
  • Securities can be offered as guarantee amount to the lender if at all you need to borrow loans.
  • In India dematerialized securities are not available on paper but they are in the form of certificates. A Bank or any other Depository.
  • Participant can easily convert securities into electronic with the help of a Demat Request form. In such a way you can carry out dematerization in our country. This is done by filling out online forms.

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